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Lion Athletics

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Lion Athletics

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3 months ago @ 2:33PM

Student Athlete Alumni Night Postponed Due to Weather!

Washington Latin Public Charter School (WLPCS) stopped all school activities today due to the inclement weather the area is experiencing. This included the WLPCS' Athletic Department's first ever 'STUDENT ATHLETE ALUMNI NIGHT.' The Athletic Director, Neil Berment, had hoped to honor former student athletes at the intermission period between the scheduled Boys and Girls Varsity Basketball games.  The new AD planned this event simultaneously with winter break for most universities, so those that were on break, could attend.


There was an overwhelming response to the request to attend the Student Athlete Alumni Night, sent out by Admissions Director Crystal Eleby El, on the Latin's Facebook page in early December. Berment plans on hosting this event again, at least once or twice a year, to show the student athletes how much the Athletics Department appreciates their commitment to the program and to also show the current student athletes some of the former students who were in their shoes, and succeeded in juggling academics and athletics.


Pictured is Devin Campbell (#3) former basketball standout student athlete, who planned on attending tonight's event.


Below is a letter drafted by the Athletic Director Neil Berment, that will be sent out today to the former student athletes who were planning on attending.


Latin Athletics

Sports Information Department


Hello Student Athlete Alumni,


I trust you are all continuing to enjoy the time with your families, especially on a cold day like this.


I am writing to let you know that the snow and wind put a halt to ALL school activities for today, January 4th. Unfortunately, this includes the planned ‘Student Athlete Alumni Night’ that we were all looking forward. The event is postponed.


Over the last few hours, I have been working diligently with coaches, officials, and the opposing school’s administration, to attempt to reschedule the game for this Saturday. However, we were not able to make this happen.


For those of you who made plans to be here today, I want to assure you that the Athletic Department still plans to honor you at one of our athletic events. We will be looking at other dates this season that may be feasible and a few dates in the Spring. We may even consider as early as next week Thursday, January 11th. However, this is NOT official.


Please stay tuned for another note from me within the next couple days. If we are unable to host the event, we will make some arrangement to get your token to you. If you are in the DC area and would like to attend any of our games next week, I will waive your entrance fee to the gymnasium. Please let me know in advance.  


Thank you again for your commitment to Washington Latin Athletics and your willingness to attend the first ever Student Athlete Alumni Night.





Neil Berment

Washington Latin

Athletics Director

Ph: (202) 223-1111 ext. 117



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